Pain Management

Oftentimes, in the midst of hectic schedules, and unstable dietary habits, the human body misses out on crucial minerals, vitamins, and fibers that are essential for its growth, development. In the absence of such natural agents, the human body becomes susceptible to a wide variety of diseases, as its immune system is compromised. In order to maintain the critical balance of such necessary elements, health and nutritional supplements are catered by SOLMEDIC. Enriched with the ancient knowledge of ayurveda, the health supplements are widely trusted, and easily available. Nutritional supplements are necessary to impart energy, and important nutrients to the human body. In case the human body lacks in any one of the seven crucial elements of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water and salts, minerals, vitamins, and fibres, a nutritional supplement can cater to this deficit. Since they are meant to be consumed on a regular basis, special care is taken to ensure that they do not have many side effects. Nutritional supplements are especially important for certain groups of people, for instance pregnant women, weak children, men and women above certain ages, etc. They have medically engineered to help one cope with hectic lifestyles, sudden aging processes, fatigue, weakening bones, degenerating immune systems, and etc. Read on to find out more about the premier nutritional supplements that are manufactured by SOLMEDIC.



Codeine phosphate

DOLONIP is a leading pain-killer of the market that combines the effects of Tramadol, and atypical opioid, and Acetaminophen, a safe variety of paracetamol, to relieve patients of physical pain. This is a tried and trusted formula that has exhibited faster onset of action, as well as, longer duration of respite. It is, thus, a potent and safe analgesic that is more powerful than treatment with Tramadol, or Acetaminophen, alone. It is an ideal analgesic to cure sport injuries, various kinds of cramps, fractures and dislocations, post-surgical soreness, lower back pain, and other kinds of moderate-to-severe aches. Clinical tests have proven that DOLONIP has very little side-effects, and its consumption ceiling is higher than other conventional NSAIDs. .