SOLMEDIC – On a Fast Growing Path

Solmedic launched in UP to reach out to big pharmaceutical potential

After full-fledged launch in EAST, SOLMEDIC took the move of further spreading its wings and entered one of the most potential areas of pharmaceutical industry that is UP. The actual UP presence came into being from the month of March ’12 with the launch of LUCKNOW REGION & spreading across Varanasi region followed by Western UP belt. Today SOLMEDIC is highly enthusiastic and geared to establish its strong presence with a strong team covering entire UP. Doctors across have given an overwhelming response to the SOLMEDIC brands such LIVERGEN, STANPEN & VINKOLA; specifically the elderly doctors were little nostalgic when they were reintroduced to their old favourites such as Livergen and most importantly Stanpen. Many doctors appreciated the move of SOLMEDIC to launch STANPEN CV as the brand name as that will not only help them to recall the first penicillin brand of India but also the launch of combination that can take care of their present prescription needs.

Extensifies presence in Northern India

The success and response from customers of UP gave all the courage to SOLMEDIC team to further expand its operations in North by opening up avenues in Kashmir. We have a strong and competent team covering all the potential headquarter towns of Kashmir.

Strengthening quality of products through significant associations

SOLMEDIC has aggressive plans to capture the market through ethical means and consistent efforts. However, at the same time we do not want to compromise on one of the most vital /key elements for success that is Quality of its products. That is the reason SOLMEDIC is getting some of its products manufactured from India’s top manufacturing facilities. The Quality effect is further strengthened when combined with superior technology. The technology used in our antibiotic range of product (STANPEN CV Tablets and FABUPOD) is FAST ABSOL technology that assures “FASTER DISINTEGRATION for FASTER RESULTS”. Solmedic is constantly endeavouring to offer higher and higher quality products to its target customers and end users.