Hepatoprotector & GI Regulator

This health supplement draws from the goodness of a wide variety of natural herbs that are combined in a balanced ratio, in order to strengthen the liver, and optimize its functionality. Its regular intake has very little side effects. Consequently, it leads to well-stimulated GI system, and a first-rate metabolism. Livergen is a comprehensive and balanced formulation of specific herbal drugs with sound pharmacological basis and thus it provides for a holistic and natural approach to a well-functioning liver. Livergen contains Kalmegh (Andrographis Paniculata). Kalmegh has been studied for hepato-protective properties in various health conditions. Livergen also contains Kasmardha (Cassia occidentalis) - the antioxidant content of Cassia occidentalis might play a major role in hepatoprotection and controlling tissue damage caused by reactive oxygen species. Livergen contains contains Kutki (Picrorrhiza kuroa) which helps in better emulsification of fats and aids in digestion. Livergen is additionally enriched with the goodness of other important herbs such as Kulikhara (Astercantha longifolia), Benarmool (Vetiveria zizanioides), Methi (Trigonella foenum) and Ajowan (Trachyspermum ammi). The combined effect of these has curative, as well as protective consequences for the liver. Hence, it is great for shielding the liver against the harms caused by a wide variety of toxic contaminations that afflict the common food and water consumption of people. Currently, LIVERGEN is available in tablet, liquid and pedia and is thus suited for administration at the level of varied age groups. The Pedia variant of Livergen marks a common paediatric prescription for increasing appetite, alleviating fatigue, for ensuring proper absorption of nutrients, and for facilitating proper growth, among children. Among adults, it has been known to relax constipation, reduce bloating, enhance bile flow, and generate a healthy metabolic system.


A Unique Bowel Regulator

SQUINO BAEL is a unique herbal bowel regulator. It works across diverse conditions such as Colitis, Giardiasis, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Amoebic Dysentry and IBS. In stressful living conditions, there have been increasing lifestyle changes which have been posing several challenges in form of pathological diseases, in such a scenario, Squino Bael works as an effective herbal formula that combats all challenges naturally owing to presence of key ingredients such as Bael, Ispaghula and Kurchi bark.


Rabeprazole Tablets IP

STANRAB 20 contains Rabeprazole that offers an effective remedy for increased acidity levels in the digestive tracts. Its PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) molecules block the secretion of excessive acid, by the enzymes of the stomach region. It is highly efficient in relieving the symptoms of stress gastritis, moderate-to-extreme heartburn, the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, and peptic ulcers.


Rabeprazole Domperidone Capsules

It is a sister brand of STANRAB 20 that is composed of Domperidone, in addition to Rabeprazole. This makes it effective to cure more advanced, and chronic, cases of gastric discomfort, and disorders. The enteric coating technology of STANRAB DSR ensures that its essential medicinal components are shielded from the acidic reaction of the stomach, thereby providing optimum bioavailability. It is ideally prescribed for patients, suffering from dyspepsia, and acute GERD conditions. It has the fastest PPI action, thereby making it suitable for post-operative patients fighting with nausea, and vomit impulses. It is also the only medicine to possess advanced PPIs that activate mucous secretion, thereby enhancing the ability of the digestive tract to deal with peptic ulcers.