CSR Initiative



SOLMEDIC’s CSR Initiative

As a socially responsible organization, SOLMEDIC’s CSR initiative is its contribution towards one of the key charitable cause through JMS Charitable Foundation.

Several key objectives have been laid down by this foundation; some of them are as listed below:

  1. To set up, promote, establish, manage and run schools, education and/or training centers and to provide grants, funds, contributions to the educational institutions and other bodies for various educational and/or training programs and to support any activities/programs that might improve, encourage and promote public education.


  1. To set up and support hospitals, medical and healthcare centers, mobile healthcare units, medical relief camps, etc. for providing services for healthcare delivery and for administering medical relief to general public.
  1. To engage and support healthcare delivery programs and projects for prevention and treatment of diseases to alleviate human sufferings and improve quality of life.


  1. To include a sense of help and soft attitude in the general masses towards the poor, down-trodden, weaker sections, women, disabled/handicapped, widows and children and use the funds for welfare of above categories of persons.
  1. To provide scholarship and books to poor and needy children and to promote love and develop social relations by means of spiritual knowledge.


  1. To take up social services at the time of natural calamities and natural emergencies.
  1. To develop social relation and to develop love among the members of the society.


  1. To maintain and propagate the Indian heritage and social and religious culture.
  1. To serve the cause of animals and birds and other living beings of the society and towards the cause - setting up means.


  1. To provide donations, contributions and grants for charitable social purposes.