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SOL MEDIC LIMITED is a young but fast developing company with an ambition to be among the leading pharmaceutical companies of India. If you consider yourself a self-starter a go-getter and are willing to take up challenges, then SOLMEDIC offers you a great platform. We can guarantee that the knowledge, skill and networking proficiency that you will gain, while working with our pioneering company, will be quite unlike anything that you have ever experienced. We know that everybody enjoys the thrill of working in an intellectually stimulating sphere, which draws on the strength of diverse cultural communities that span across numerous geographical locations. This work scenario, constantly, plays on our minds, when we recruit the various employees for SOLMEDIC. By being a part of this company, you will be introduced to the great potentials of growth and incredible experiences that you can be proud of. The experience of working at an office which is one of a kind is enriched by great HR practices, a vibrant work environment, incredible team spirit, and healthy competition. It is driven towards maximum efficiency and client satisfaction, without compromising on the potential of amassing knowledge that is a natural privilege of all the workers of this company. As an employee of the SOLMEDIC family that spreads across Northern and Eastern parts of India, and abroad, you will be definitely in for a joyous ride of many corporate and humane discoveries that will take you to the pinnacle of success. Herein, you will meet new and exciting people, who share your ideals of personal achievement; also, you may have the opportunity of polishing your learning curve, with every passing day.

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