About Us



SOLMEDIC LIMITED is an emerging pharmaceutical company which has a professional work culture governed by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. This apex team oversees all the aspects of SOLMEDIC’s growth, development and progress, so that the actions of this company can be steered in the direction of its goals.  We have been known to be dedicated to the purpose of impressing our clientele, with our high quality brands. In future, as well, we promise to be steadfast in our pursuit of consumer fulfillment.
With this view in mind, SOLMEDIC runs a wide range of therapeutic segments of highly effective and popular brands. Our current product portfolio includes multiple therapeutic segments of Hepatoprotectives, Antibiotics, Gastro Intestinal, Analgesics, Respiratory, Nutritional and Natural care in various strengths, packs and dosage forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Liquids, Drops, etc. In fact one of our proud formulations in hepatoprotective segment, LIVERGEN is the pioneer in its participating therapeutic segment. We also provide generic formulations with a concentrated focus to various PROMINENT institutions. SOLMEDIC’s thrust is to make its presence felt among Medical Practitioners across varied specialties, as a key prescription oriented company. And now our efforts are also helping us to earn a respectful name in branded formulations market too.
The company started its focus from Eastern part of the country; however it now has expanded its presence with strong roots in various parts of Northern, Eastern, and North Eastern India.


 At SOLMEDIC, our unique business goal is also a humanistic one, as it attempts to eradicate diseases and illnesses, and create better and improved medicines for mankind.  Thus, the primary objective of the company is to continuously improve and upgrade its products, so as to ensure optimum satisfaction for the entire medical fraternity. Along with this, we also believe in the power of efficient management that enables us to delegate with accountability and getting things right the very first time. This systematic approach has enabled us to garner success and a create goodwill within a very short span of time.

We are confident that the future holds many possibilities for us, as we strive to greater heights of medicinal expertise, and expand our networks to every nook and corner of India.


The key values of SOLMEDIC include :

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Adherence to ethics
  • Respect and dignity for the people and system
  • Growth and development
  • Delegation of authority with accountability
  • Transparency
  • Safety and concern for environment
  • Learning and sharing